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 News about riders, the site and other trivia will be published here . . . if you have news then please use the Contact/Enquiry form.


Roll of Honour

This feature has been receiving some offensive and "humorous" entries so has been suspended for the moment - sorry, hopefully it'll be back before the end of the year.


Accommodation on the E2E

A new website - Beds for Cyclists - has been created, there's an entry in the Links tab on the LH side .... and don't forget to send your entries in for The Directory on this website ... feedback is telling us that finding suitable accommodation at a realistic price is a real challenge, hopefully these sites can help.


Where does the time go?

All of a sudden it's nearly the end of June ... although the weather suggests otherwise!   Lots of riders on the road and listed in the calendar, for some reason there's about a week in mid-August when nothing is listed - other than that the days have been filled from the start of April to the end of September.

If you are riding this year do please add your ride dates ... and send your Journal to list on the website ... the statistics are showing massive numbers of hits and on Journals as riders look for ideas, routes, experiences etc.

I've just been on our "Boys' Outing" ... eight of us went to Northern France and Belgium for a week: managing to visit a WW2 rocket launching site (Eperleques), a canal boat lift (St Omer) and lots of WW1 trenches, cemeteries etc - and staying 3 nights in Ypres/Iepr.  Lots of fun, lots of beer - but only about 250 miles of cycling.  The cycle faciliteis and signing in Belgium were a revelation - superb!  [There'll be a report on our cycling club website soon - with pictures - I'll publish a link in the News when it's live]

And finally, I must mention the Eurotunnel Bike Service* - excellent : it's a mini-bus and trailer that takes 8 people and their bikes - they load it up, riders sit in the mini-bus and it goes on le Shuttle through the tunnel in 35 minutes ... and great value at £32 per person return.


* If you've read our Wine-ding Down Through France report you'll know that we should have used the service September 2008 but the tunnel caught fire as we were on the train from London to Folkestone!


The E2E season has started

After all those long winter evenings spent planning (and possibly agonising over) routes the End-to-End cycling season has started in earnest with lots of rides listed on the site's calendar - from now until October there are very few days when there's no ride listed.

When you ride do pleases think about sending a Journal to the site - new riders use the resource to plan their rides .... and don't forget to send your listings for accommodation, cycle shops etc ... and anything else that you think may help future riders : it'll all be added to the site to continue to compile what appears to be the definitive resource for the UK's greatest cycle-touring challenge.


.... and as a reminder of your ride why not treat yourself to one of the special edition E2E cycle jerseys (see the SHOP link)


A new feature for phone geeks

I have just added a feature to the website software that reformats the display for mobiles - it should work with Android, iPhone and some other handsets - and possibly the iPad.

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