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Rider Blogs - live from the handlebars

Riders may use the Cycle End-to-End website to "blog" or report progress for their friends, family, supporters etc.

It's a sort of "private Twitter" within the growing Cycle - End-to-End community.... to publish updates sent as e-mails from a smartphone, laptop, netbook or other internet access.

Why use the Rider Blog and not Twitter, Facebook or Blogspot etc?   Cycle End-to-End provides a dedicated place for Rider Blogs where the growing community can read about the escapades of a number of riders ... and perhaps seek inspiration for their own rides.

What hapens after the ride?   The content of the Rider Blog can be consolidated into a single document and hosted on the Cycle End-to-End website as a Journal.

To see an example  CLICK HERE  for the "From the handlebars" messages that Rob the webmaster and Jon sent during their LEJOG in June 2010.

How it works

The rider :

- makes an application for the Rider Blog facility - with name, dates etc (using the input form on the website)
- pays the modest service fee of £17.50 (a single fee for the duration of the ride) to defray hosting and bandwidth costs
- provides a photograph and text for the header area of the personal Rider Blog

The webmaster :

- allocates a section within the website to publish the Rider Blog messages
- provides a special incoming e-mail address for Rider Blog postings (this address is ONLY for Rider Blog postings for the duration of the ride)
- provides a test facility for the rider to check the e-mailing process before proceeding to live
- lists the Rider Blog name in the Index of Rider Blogs (all current Rider Blogs will be listed and visible to all site visitors) The listing will be live from (up to) 14 days before the ride commences and for 30 after it has ended.

- publish Rider Blog postings live on the website within 15 minutes of being received by the site host (remember that your e-mail provider may not send all messages immediately) - Cycle End-to-End checks the incoming mail server every 10 minutes.
- Rider Blog postings will be dated and timed as they are published and the latest/most recent post will be first in the listing.

The rider :

- sends on-the-ride messages to the special e-mail address (remember that the text is visible to all, riders are recommended to switch off any signature details that may contain telephone numbers or other personal information)
- tells friends, family etc that there is a Rider Blog and provides the link address  (It is recommended that the visitor is directed to the Home page as some browsers may truncate or mis-interpret the dedicated Rider Blog URL)

The "Rules"

  1. The Rider Blog service is subject to "reasonable use" - up to 6 messages per day is deemed reasonable.
  2. Content is published live and not moderated - BUT will be scanned periodiclally.
  3. Brief messages work best - if a lengthy "daily report" Blog is required that can be made available within a separate section for the rider.
  4. Remember that content is visible to all site visitors.
  5. To maintain the site quality and integrity please do not write in "textspeak" !
  6. The dedicated e-mail address for Rider Blog messages may not be given to anyone else to use

    Cycle End-to-End :

- reserves the right to stop, edit or unpublish a Rider Blog in part or in full in the event that the rules are not adhered too or content is defamatory, offensive, contains unacceptable language or is obscene.
- makes no warranties in respect of publication, site availability etc. The site is hosted externally with back-up servers and network facilities.

- in the event of errors made in transmission by riders we will use best endeavours to assist with corrections or deletions, but only on "if available to do so" basis.

Initially messages are text only, some further testing is ongoing to allow low-resolution images to be added to e-mailed Rider Blog submissions

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