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Route Sheets

The End-to-End Collection of (13) route listings. 

Presented as a list of places; some very detailed, some just the overnight stops for you to plan your own route.  Available for a donation of just £5 which will go to defray the costs of running the website.  Delivered as a pdf for you to print.    CLICK HERE  to order your pack.

The sheets in this End-to-End Collection contain routes with lists of places on the route taken - some are more detailed than others, some have the overnight stops in italics - but all have been ridden.

Working initially with a large-scale map (perhaps a cheap road atlas) it is possible to plan yourroute to suit you- visiting places that you want to go to - or specific aims for your journey.  [One rider set a route that visited all of the Premier League football grounds, another only stayed at pubs called the Red Lion ... ]   Route plans for use on the ride range from lines drawn on a map through printed maps to on-the-handlebars GPS gadgets - the choice is yours. 

Using a spreadsheet and route calculation software (or an online mapping facility) is a handy way to create your route to assess daily distances and plan accommodation - some riders book every stop in advance, some just ride and find somewhere - be it B&B, pub, YH or camp-site.


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