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Who is Rob?

I'm a keen cyclist (and bike fettler) and live in Stratford-upon-Avon - and as of June 2010 I'm a "double end-to-ender" - JOGLE in 2005, LEJOG in 2010 (both unsupported)

The two photographs are taken at exactly the same point at the northern end of Glencoe - the one on the left in 2005 riding N-S and on the right in 2010 riding S-N (with the same bike and the same shorts)

Having drifted away from cycling as a result of : going to work, driving a car, getting married, children .... I eventually got back to cycling again 

The return to cycling was precipitated by the need to rehabilitate a damaged knee - after 18 months of discomfort and two arthroscopies the consultant recommended cyclng as a non-impact exercise, undertaken sitting down (most of the time) with a rotary action for the knee ... and good cardio-vascular exercise too.

After a few short rides I became more adventurous and went out with the local cycling group, Shakespokes.  Cycling holidays followed, riding with the CTC, Audax events - and, more recently, riding the velodrome track (strictly for fun) ... as well as acquisition of more bikes (current tally is 14 various machines)

My time is now spent working, some of the time, and generally trying to enjoy life.

I first cycled the end-to-end (JOGLE) in 2005, an end-to-end in France (Calais - Montpellier) in 2008 and LEJOG in 2010 ... my E2E rides : Rob & Joe's JOGLE 2005 is No 176 and Rob & Jon's LEJOG 2010 is No 529 in the listings.  Our French trip, Wine-ding Down Through France is also in The Journals section.

I have another website that has some more about me, my bikes and some other interests - it's offline at the moment but is planned to be incorporated in this site in due course.

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