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The Technical Stuff

Cycle : End-to-End is built using the Joomla! Content Management System, enabling it to be added to and amended very easily . . as well as having an enormous range of features that can be incorporated - e.g. the Journal library, photo-galleries, banner links etc. - possibilities are almost endless.

The core content - the Journals - is almost all links to external websites, clicking a link should display the relevant Journal author's own work*    That's the simplest way to do it - it is also possible to host content for Journals on this website as a pdf file . . . if you have a Journal and don't know how to publish it on the Internet just ask!

The structure of the site has been designed to make it clear and simple to navigate - easy to find the resources etc.  The Journal Library is searchable (at present the remainder of the site is not) - I've added some "Quick Links" over on the right including a direct link to the Search input.

It should display correctly in most web-browsers - the site has been created and tested using, primarily, Firefox [it works in Internet Explorer but there may be some minor issues with images and some features not displaying correctly - trying to work out why!]

There is an automated translation module (see bottom left menu column).  The translation is supplied by Google and is "as is" - no responsibility for accuracy of content or any unfortunate or offensive translations.  If you use the translation module you will need to switch it off with the X in the Google header band that appears.

* some of these links may be broken, do please let me know if you find errors etc. - e-mail through the Report an Error link
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