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 News about riders, the site and other trivia will be published here . . . if you have news then please use the Contact/Enquiry form.


Ride analysis

Now that the 2010 "season" appears to be finished I'm planning to look through the calendar of rides and work out the ratio of LEJOG : JOGLE rides and, possibly, some average ride duration statistics . . . more soon.


Planning your ride?

If you are planning your ride do remember to add the date to the  Calendar : Who's on the road today? - there's a quick and easy form to complete for your free listing.

When you have completed your ride you can send your journal, blog etc - either as a link or a document that can be hosted on the Cycle End-to-End site (as a .pdf file)

For upcoming rides the site only lists ride dates and brief comments.
It does not have Journals for uncompleted rides ... it's partly the way the site works (ride dates fall off the "Current Rides" listing 90 days after they have finished) - and also to present complete blogs/journals rather than work in progress (which frequently remains work in progress ... or the ride doesn't happen ... or doesn't get submitted for the Journals library .... or has broken links)

The Directory needs you!

The Directory of Accommodation and Cycle Shops will only work if riders submit establishments ... if you have stayed at places that you think would be suitable for other riders, or used a cycle shop please tell us (there are quick to complete forms) - we'll contact the establishment and do the rest.

Cycle End-to-End is creating a resource for cyclists .... please help!


Rob & Jon's book is published

A bicycle ride from Calais to Montpellier The tale of a two-week journey, from Calais on the Channel coast of France to the Mediterranean coast, at Montpellier. Foreword by Edward Enfield

Rob & Jon's cycle ride through France in 2008

Inspired by Edward Enfield's book Downhill All The Way, Rob (the site's webmaster) and Jon cycled from Calais to Montpellier via the Champagne, Burgundy, Rhone, Provence and Launguedoc regions of France.

The book has been professionally edited and printed, and comes complete with a free CD containing a detailed route map and colour photographs.  CLICK HERE  for more details and to order your copy.

Format : A5, 178pp, softbound : 5 800043 205524


Funding the website . . .

What started as a bit of a hobby has become much more popular than I anticipated and is being quoted widely as the definitive resource for end-to-end cyclists .... that's fantastic, but the bandwidth usage and the time required is starting to cost a little bit of money.

So, I'm asking that if you found the site useful you make a modest constribution - you can do that securely using a Paypal account or a debit/credit card through Paypal ... just  CLICK HERE  (or the menu link on the left) to go to the page that explains a bit more and has the payment form.

Thank you for your interest and support for the Cycle End-to-End website.

Rob, webmaster


Offline - but back now

Earlier in September the site developed a problem and ran very, very slowly - in some instances taking a couple of minutes to display the Home page.  The hosting company checked its servers and found no problem - after some debugging work we found that it was a "component" in the core software that had been updated to the current version causing the problem.

That has now been fixed and the site should run as normal.  Apologies if you missed us!



Ian arrives - blogging his way to JOG

Ian McLean has arrived at John O'Groats . . . en route he has been sending updates to the Rider Blogs area of this website to road test the facility that Jon & Rob the webmaster also trialled in June 2010.

The good news is that it works . . . the only issue has been some of the text formatting that Ian's support man's PC or phone sent.  Line breaks and paragraphs broke the text in the wrong places for some reason ... I'll investigate.  [Rob used a Palm Treo Pro running Windows Mobile and Jon used an iPhone for their From the handlebars submissions - looks like it's a transmitting device issue]

A little more work and it's expected to make the Rider Blog feature available for riders from early 2011.


J & R arrive !

Jenni, one of the Stratford-upon-Avon Laydeez, called from Land's End at about 1415 today to say that she and Rachel had arrived . . . there was much background noise and what sounded like a champagne cork popping.

From the brief conversation it seemed that after a wet start it all got better and that they managed to follow Rob & Jon's LEJOG route in reverse (although Rachel did get confused with Nick's Lift*)

Perhaps some pictures may arrive with the webmaster when they get back from the hairdresser their celebration lunch.

* Jenni being from New Zealand has a bit of an accent ... it took the cycling club ages to work out that "Nick's Lift" was actually "next left"

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