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All the rides listed since Cycle : End-to-End went live in April 2009.

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Date Title Start point Category
25.Aug.2010 - 7.Sep.2010 Tim's JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
27.Aug.2010 - 9.Sep.2010 Jon's LEJOG on fixed Land's End LEJOG
28.Aug.2010 - 8.Sep.2010 Craig Smith/Jon Breward LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
28.Aug.2010 - 10.Sep.2010 Catherine & Gemma doing LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
29.Aug.2010 - 6.Sep.2010 TwycleBritain John O'Groats JOGLE
29.Aug.2010 - 11.Sep.2010 Simon's JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
1.Sep.2010 - 19.Sep.2010 Sam's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
4.Sep.2010 - 19.Sep.2010 White Horse Riders Land's End LEJOG
5.Sep.2010 - 20.Sep.2010 Fathead & Pinhead's LEJOG 2010 Land's End LEJOG
5.Sep.2010 - 19.Sep.2010 Roques's Ride Land's End LEJOG
5.Sep.2010 - 12.Sep.2010 JOGLE 2010 John O'Groats JOGLE
5.Sep.2010 - 17.Sep.2010 Reubens JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
6.Sep.2010 - 20.Sep.2010 Kev, Chris, Ade & Tracey's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
17.Sep.2010 - 26.Sep.2010 Screws, Nuts & a Plank John O'Groats JOGLE
1.Oct.2010 - 7.Oct.2010 JOGLE in 7 days John O'Groats JOGLE
6.Nov.2010 - 16.Nov.2010 Winter LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
9.Apr.2011 - 20.Apr.2011 PUMA LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
9.Apr.2011 - 22.Apr.2011 Why not? Land's End LEJOG
9.Apr.2011 - 23.Apr.2011 Crocker on a Bike John O'Groats JOGLE
10.Apr.2011 - 20.Feb.2011 All Balls LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
10.Apr.2011 - 24.Apr.2011 Dignon' JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
13.Apr.2011 - 2.May.2011 Stephen & Peter's Anglo-Flemish Charity LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
14.Apr.2011 - 2.May.2011 Moony Goes To Scotland Land's End LEJOG
15.Apr.2011 - 25.Apr.2011 Fiachra & Anna's JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
16.Apr.2011 - 30.Apr.2011 LEJOGGERs Land's End LEJOG
16.Apr.2011 - 27.Apr.2011 James Selby's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
21.Apr.2011 - 4.May.2011 Me & the Mrs Tour! Land's End LEJOG
22.Apr.2011 - 2.May.2011 Hole LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
22.Apr.2011 - 6.May.2011 Noz Bros LEJOG 2011 Land's End LEJOG
22.Apr.2011 - 2.May.2011 FoD Lads Ride JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
22.Apr.2011 - 2.May.2011 Pickle's 10 day JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
22.Apr.2011 - 29.Apr.2011 Race to Rich's Bro's Wedding John O'Groats JOGLE
22.Apr.2011 - 2.May.2011 Doone JOGling John O'Groats JOGLE
23.Apr.2011 - 7.May.2011 JOGLE for Joseph John O'Groats JOGLE
23.Apr.2011 - 5.May.2011 Vicky's Jolly JoGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
23.Apr.2011 - 2.May.2011 Bri and Si's JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
27.Apr.2011 - 6.May.2011 Rob Brooks - LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
27.Apr.2011 - 12.May.2011 Kilpatrick's JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
30.Apr.2011 - 11.May.2011 Live life! John O'Groats JOGLE
1.May.2011 - 15.May.2011 Equip JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
5.May.2011 - 12.May.2011 Graham 'n' Neils LEJOG for the Fragile X Society Land's End LEJOG
5.May.2011 - 8.May.2011 Options : The Challenge John O'Groats JOGLE
7.May.2011 - 28.May.2011 Jane's Jaunt Land's End LEJOG
7.May.2011 - 15.May.2011 Simon Kay's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
9.May.2011 - 25.May.2011 Ralph's May JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
10.May.2011 - 22.May.2011 Truro Cycling Club JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
14.May.2011 - 28.May.2011 Matts LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
14.May.2011 - 4.Jun.2011 JOGLE 2011 on three wheels John O'Groats JOGLE
15.May.2011 - 30.May.2011 LEJOG into my 40s Land's End LEJOG
18.May.2011 - 30.May.2011 LEJOG and back halfway Land's End LEJOG

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