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All the rides that have been listed in the Ride Calendar since April 2009 when the site was launched (With Rob & Joe's JOGLE in 2005 that started the site idea)

Some limited sorting is possible using the column headers - and, where added, riders' notes can be seen.
Date Title Start point Category
19.May.2011 - 28.May.2011 Kip&Adria nee2ee Land's End LEJOG
19.May.2011 - 28.May.2011 DON'T rain ! John O'Groats JOGLE
21.May.2011 - 1.Jun.2011 5 and a half blokes JOGLE 2011 John O'Groats JOGLE
21.May.2011 - 2.Jun.2011 Firth's JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
22.May.2011 - 9.Jun.2011 Kirk's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
22.May.2011 - 30.May.2011 End-to-End-JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
24.May.2011 - 2.Jun.2011 Pat Palloon's Pedal Powered Passage Land's End LEJOG
26.May.2011 - 5.Jun.2011 A Giant Leap for one man and his bike Land's End LEJOG
26.May.2011 - 11.Jun.2011 Trev Boulton’s mid-life crisis Land's End LEJOG
27.May.2011 - 9.May.2011 Markbrickles69 Land's End LEJOG
27.May.2011 - 5.Jun.2011 Mark & Terry : LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
28.May.2011 - 16.Jun.2011 LEJOG - AB John O'Groats JOGLE
28.May.2011 - 30.May.2011 UK in 1 - by Bike John O'Groats JOGLE
28.May.2011 - 12.May.2011 Andy /Andy/Rachel JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
28.May.2011 - 12.Jun.2011 Five go mad in middle age John O'Groats JOGLE
30.May.2011 - 23.Jun.2011 Flash on the road again Land's End LEJOG
3.Jun.2011 - 12.Jun.2011 Paul's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
3.Jun.2011 - 11.Jun.2011 Old bloke on a LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
3.Jun.2011 - 15.Jun.2011 Neil's JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
5.Jun.2011 - 11.Jun.2011 Alex, Glenn & James JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
6.Jun.2011 - 19.Jun.2011 4 Lads 3 Peaks 2 Weeks 1 JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
11.Jun.2011 - 24.Jun.2011 Phil's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
11.Jun.2011 - 19.Jun.2011 Ride Across Britain John O'Groats JOGLE
11.Jun.2011 - 30.Jun.2011 Malcs Double :-() - NOT : LEJOG or JOGLE
12.Jun.2011 - 24.Jun.2011 Alex Willis's JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
14.Jun.2011 - 8.Jul.2011 Greg & Toni LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
18.Jun.2011 - 16.Jul.2011 A "Ferrous" LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
18.Jun.2011 - 1.Jul.2011 Mark'n Chris's 2011 LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
18.Jun.2011 - 30.Jun.2011 Fat-Men-Ride-Britain John O'Groats JOGLE
18.Jun.2011 - 25.Jun.2011 Durness to Dover - NOT : LEJOG or JOGLE
20.Jun.2011 - 29.Jun.2011 Darren Davis/Rob Austin: LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
20.Jun.2011 - 3.Jul.2011 Life and Light Bike Ride John O'Groats JOGLE
24.Jun.2011 - 5.Jul.2011 LEJOG & the 3 Peaks Challenge Land's End LEJOG
24.Jun.2011 - 5.Jul.2011 Chain Spokers' LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
25.Jun.2011 - 2.Jul.2011 Five old-timers over 50 Land's End LEJOG
26.Jun.2011 - 8.Jul.2011 5 Blokes - End 2 End John O'Groats JOGLE
2.Jul.2011 - 14.Jul.2011 C-S-C JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
2.Jul.2011 - 26.Jul.2011 Calais to Cerbère by tandem - NOT : LEJOG or JOGLE
3.Jul.2011 - 13.Jul.2011 There's no easy way home John O'Groats JOGLE
7.Jul.2011 - 25.Jul.2011 Ellie and Matt's JOGLE 2011 John O'Groats JOGLE
9.Jul.2011 - 23.Jul.2011 It's now or never Land's End LEJOG
9.Jul.2011 - 23.Jul.2011 JOGLE - Rob and Steve's JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
16.Jul.2011 - 31.Jul.2011 Team Niffty tackles LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
17.Jul.2011 - 14.Aug.2011 Terry's Bike Trip Land's End LEJOG
17.Jul.2011 - 28.Jul.2011 Wessex Mini Owners' JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
18.Jul.2011 - 28.Jul.2011 Cleary's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
19.Jul.2011 - 6.Aug.2011 Malky's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
23.Jul.2011 - 7.Aug.2011 Mike's solo JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
25.Jul.2011 - 5.Aug.2011 Cavanagh's JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
26.Jul.2011 - 12.Aug.2011 Rowlands LEJOG Land's End LEJOG

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