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All the rides that have been listed in the Ride Calendar since April 2009 when the site was launched (With Rob & Joe's JOGLE in 2005 that started the site idea)

Some limited sorting is possible using the column headers - and, where added, riders' notes can be seen.
Date Title Start point Category
8.Jun.2014 - 12.Jun.2014 5-day solo unsupported LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
8.Jun.2014 - 1.Jul.2014 4RideE2E Land's End LEJOG
11.Jun.2014 - 11.Jul.2014 Tour de Franz 2014 Land's End LEJOG
12.Jun.2014 - 25.Jun.2014 Storksb's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
13.Jun.2014 - 25.Jun.2014 Martin's LEJOG 2014 Land's End LEJOG
13.Jun.2014 - 17.Jun.2014 Phil and David's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
14.Jun.2014 - 22.Jun.2014 Steve's LEJOG 4 The Christie Land's End LEJOG
14.Jun.2014 - 23.Jun.2014 The life tour 2014 John O'Groats JOGLE
15.Jun.2014 - 26.Jun.2014 Mid-Life Cyclists Land's End LEJOG
22.Jun.2014 - 1.Jul.2014 Barclays does JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
26.Jun.2014 - 12.Jul.2014 Fio & Mick's E2E Land's End LEJOG
28.Jun.2014 - 10.Jul.2014 Stephen's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
5.Jul.2014 - 18.Jul.2014 LizDH 2014 Land's End LEJOG
10.Jul.2014 - 25.Jul.2014 Toby and Rosey's British adventure John O'Groats JOGLE
15.Jul.2014 - 26.Jul.2014 50th Birthday Challenge Land's End LEJOG
19.Jul.2014 - 2.Aug.2014 Third Time Lucky Land's End LEJOG
21.Jul.2014 - 3.Aug.2014 Bedford Modern 2014 LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
21.Jul.2014 - 5.Aug.2014 If not now, then when? John O'Groats JOGLE
26.Jul.2014 - 8.Aug.2014 LEJOG for Macmillan 2014 Land's End LEJOG
26.Jul.2014 - 4.Aug.2014 T1D do JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
29.Jul.2014 - 12.Aug.2014 Callum and Mikey's Tour of Britain Land's End LEJOG
2.Aug.2014 - 17.Aug.2014 Steve's Jogle 2014 John O'Groats JOGLE
4.Aug.2014 - 19.Aug.2014 East of Pennines JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
7.Aug.2014 - 16.Aug.2014 Paul's Mum's Red Cross Bicycle Champions John O'Groats JOGLE
11.Aug.2014 - 18.Aug.2014 Gurkha Welfare Trust - E2E John O'Groats JOGLE
19.Aug.2014 - 29.Aug.2014 Two idiots' JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
30.Aug.2014 - 12.Sep.2014 Penny's solo unsupported LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
31.Aug.2014 - 11.Sep.2014 EACH LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
5.Sep.2014 - 16.Sep.2014 @Rickshaw2014 Land's End LEJOG
7.Sep.2014 - 23.Sep.2014 Martin and Pete's LEJOG Land's End LEJOG
9.Sep.2014 - 22.Sep.2014 950 Miles for Mum John O'Groats JOGLE
22.Sep.2014 - 5.Oct.2014 Solo Aussie Land's End LEJOG
9.Oct.2014 - 19.Oct.2014 Ride4RecoveryUK Land's End LEJOG
1.Apr.2015 - 11.Apr.2015 LEJOG via Derbyshire Land's End LEJOG
2.Apr.2015 - 11.Apr.2015 9 days of sleep JOGLE April 2015 John O'Groats JOGLE
3.Apr.2015 - 16.Apr.2015 It's the journey that matters Land's End LEJOG
18.Apr.2015 - 2.May.2015 Penny farthing LEJOG ride Land's End LEJOG
19.Apr.2015 - 8.May.2015 Sarah's LEJOG Adventure Land's End LEJOG
2.May.2015 - 10.May.2015 Cycle of Britain #ForSam John O'Groats JOGLE
5.May.2015 - 18.May.2015 Fatties on tour John O'Groats JOGLE
6.May.2015 - 23.May.2015 YETEY - York - Land's End - John O'Groats - York Other E2E - not LEJOG or JOGLE LEJOGLE or JOGLEJOG
7.May.2015 - 21.May.2015 Rosses to Rosas Other E2E - not LEJOG or JOGLE NOT : LEJOG or JOGLE
12.May.2015 - 27.May.2015 Binsteds End 2 End Land's End LEJOG
18.May.2015 - 26.May.2015 LEJOG4US Land's End LEJOG
24.May.2015 - 31.May.2015 Jason Smith JOGLE John O'Groats JOGLE
12.Jun.2015 - 25.Jun.2015 LEJOGLE - Solo, unsupported in less than 14 days Land's End LEJOGLE or JOGLEJOG
18.Jun.2015 - 3.Jul.2015 Once in a lifetime is all it takes Land's End LEJOG
19.Jun.2015 - 6.Jul.2015 Anna's End-to-End Land's End LEJOG
20.Jun.2015 - 30.Jun.2015 Dreamflight JOGLE via Wick and Helston Factory Shops! John O'Groats JOGLE
23.Jun.2015 - 3.Jul.2015 Whelley's Wheelers 1,000 in 10 John O'Groats JOGLE

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